Apr 16

Include referring website in exports

       Tim Robertson

We now include the referring website (previous website) in all order exports.

Jul 9

Improved item category support

       Kory Gorsky

You now access even deeper levels of categories on items (previously limited to 2 on the item screen).

Jul 4

Protected Pages in Donor Portal

       Kory Gorsky

Previously, you had to assign private content to a Group or Membership Level. Now, you can simply require that a user be logged-in in order to see a page (regardless of Group or Membership).

You'll see a lock beside private pages.

Jul 2

P2P Fundraiser Email Notification

       Kory Gorsky

Fundraisers will now get an alert each time a donation is made on their page. You can now encourage them as they make progress towards their goal, and completely custom brand each email (as always).

Jun 28

Improved membership renewals

       Kory Gorsky

We've improved how membership purchases and renewals work to ensure members can properly extended any existing memberships, instead of overlapping them.

Jun 18

Donor History Tab & Data Auditting

       Josh Bloomfield

We've replaced the Logins tab with a more full picture of each Donor's History. You'll now see donor portal logins as well as:

  • profile changes,
  • recurring donation changes, and
  • payment method changes

We've also included more information about each action including:

  • an estimate of the device's physical location,
  • the device type, and
  • which user made the change (the donor or a staff member - even if the staff member logged in as the donor)

For every change made, you can click on the change and see the details of the change.

Check it out - open any donor Account in Givecloud and look for the new History Tab.

Jun 5

Payments by Item Report

       Josh Bloomfield

This new report breaks down all payments (approved and declined) received on a given item with filters and export functionality. Check it out: Reports > Payment by Item.

Jun 3

Override goal progress on campaigns

       Dan Ramdial

You can now manually override the progress of your fundraising campaigns.

May 30

Improved viewing and deleting orders

       Josh Bloomfield

The order screen now responds better and had more intuitive information when your ability to edit or delete the order is limited.

May 24

New name and reference number options for Child Sponsorship

       Josh Bloomfield

You now have more control over the formatting for the names of your children online, as well as optionally display their reference number,

May 23

Improve support for DP codes

Bug Fix
       Josh Bloomfield

Some Givecloud customers may have experienced issues with certain DP code types not syncing to DP correctly. This was because of an issue where there were more than 500 different code options stored in DP for a given code type. We've improved our integration to support unlimited codes for a code type. (for example: unlimited solicitation codes)

May 22

Sponsorship filter for orders (child sponsorship)

       Josh Bloomfield

Child sponsorship organizations: You can now filter your orders inbox by only those that have sponsorships.

May 17

More tribute merge tags available in email receipts

       Kory Gorsky

We've added more merge tags to order/product email receipts for tributes including:

[[tribute_name]] [[tribute_notification_type]] [[tribute_individual_name]] [[tribute_recipient_name]] [[tribute_recipient_email]] [[tribute_recipient_mailing_address]] [[tribute_tribute_message]]

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