Jun 10

Tax Receipting Just Got an UPGRADE!

       Neil Lariviere

Now you're able to offer your donors a better experience in terms of their donations. We know "today only" donors are expecting a tax receipt right after giving, and recurring donors don't want to see the receipt until the end of the year. You can now offer this with the "Individual One-Time, Consolidated Recurring" option. This is found within your tax settings.

Click here for more details - https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/1541655-manage-tax-receipts-with-givecloud

May 30

Connecting Your Website Has Never Been Easier!

       Abbas Osman

Manage all your connected websites in one place with our new Connected Websites panel in Organization Settings. You can now add your websites easily, check the status of your connected sites, modify site details as needed, and easily disconnect sites (don’t forget to remove the bridge code from your site). Find this exciting new feature under Organization Settings, just below Accepting Donations.

Click here for more details - https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/9377100-how-to-connect-your-website

Mar 8

Fundraising Experiences: Allow New Lines in Fundraising Experience Description

       Luis Lopez

To add line-breaks, go to Fundraising > Open your Fundraising Experience > Click or use the tab key to navigate to Layout and open the Description box. Add the desired amount of line breaks to your description form.

Mar 8

Edit Logo Size on Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Choose your logo size (auto, small, medium, or large) to change how the logo appears on each fundraising experience. To edit your logo size, go to Fundraising > Open your Fundraising Experience > Click or use the tab key to navigate to the pencil icon, and edit the logo size under Template and Branding.

For best results, we recommend Auto.

Mar 6

Keep Me Anonymous

       Abbas Osman

You can now enable a "Keep Me Anonymous" option for donors during add-to-cart checkout! This setting is available under Features > Website > Site Design > Cart & Checkout.

Allow your supporters to choose anonymity for their contributions. Find this new option below "Cover the Fees" at checkout.

Click here for more details - https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/9466304-how-to-add-keep-me-anonymous-option-in-checkout

Feb 14

Consolidated Tax Receipts for Givecloud Express

       Maria Tan

To issue consolidated receipts with Givecloud Express, click on Reports > Tax Receipts. Then, click on the Consolidated Receipting button. Enter your Receipt Period, Minimum Receiptable Amount, and Receipt Date. Under Receipt Status, select Draft to review the tax receipts first, then click on Generate Receipts.

To learn more, please see our help article here: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/9020513-givecloud-express-issuing-tax-receipts

Feb 7

Create Sponsorships via API

       Maria Tan

Users can read, create, update, and delete sponsees through the API. Please note that sponsorships must be enabled in your account to access this feature.

To learn more, check out our updated documentation here: https://developers.givecloud.com

Feb 6

Manual Donations for Fundraising Experiences

       Maria Tan

To accept manual donations for fundraising experiences through the Point-of-Sale (POS), users can search for the fundraising experience by name or by SKU. Once the fundraising experience is selected, process the donation as usual.

Jan 24

Fundraising Experience Default Language

       Maria Tan

Embedded fundraising experience now auto-detects the language and locale of your site and automatically switches to match your settings.

Jan 18
Target go-live
Jan 18.

Improved DonorPerfect integration with our fundraising experiences!

       Maria Tan

Using our new fundraising experiences? You can now designate DonorPerfect codes for the following fields within our new fundraising experiences:

  • Gift Narrative
  • Gift Type
  • FMV
  • Acknowledgement Preference
  • Gift Memo
  • TY Letter Code
  • NoCalc
Jan 15
Target go-live
Jan 15.

Support for custom fields in Sponsorship: Started email

       Maria Tan

Include sponsee-related custom field labels and values to your Sponsorship: Started automated welcome emails to sponsors and supporters. Go to Communicate > All Automated Emails > Sponsorship: Started to add your custom fields.

To learn more, check out our updated article on how to add your custom field merge tags to the Sponsorship: Started email: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/4995411-sponsorships-custom-fields#h_e7638846e5

Dec 15

Failed contributions show a status of 'Unsynced' in the contribution list

Bug Fix
       Dan Ramdial

Users that have DonorPerfect connected would previously see failed contributions with a status of 'Unsynced' in the contribution list when filtering for failed contributions.

This has been fixed so that failed contributions show a status of "Failed".

Nov 14

Peer-to-Peer on Fundraising Experiences

       Dan Ramdial

Empower your supporters to create their own peer-to-peer fundraisers to help fundraise towards your mission!

Supporters can easily promote and share their peer-to-peer fundraiser with friends and family, driving support for your cause.

This is a great option to provide your supporters as a next step after making a donation, turning them from supporters to advocates for your mission.

You can learn more about Peer-to-Peer on fundraising experiences here: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/8561064-fundraising-peer-to-peer-on-fundraising-experiences

Nov 1

Fundraising Insight Emails

       Dan Ramdial

Receive insights about your fundraising on a daily, weekly or monthly basis directly to your email inbox to help you stay on top of your fundraising success!

Fundraising insight emails include a comprehensive report designed to empower you with actionable data and strategic insights to enhance your fundraising performance.

You can learn more about Fundraising Insights here https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/8487286-fundraising-insights

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