Feb 14

Consolidated Tax Receipts for Givecloud Express

       Maria Tan

To issue consolidated receipts with Givecloud Express, click on Reports > Tax Receipts. Then, click on the Consolidated Receipting button. Enter your Receipt Period, Minimum Receiptable Amount, and Receipt Date. Under Receipt Status, select Draft to review the tax receipts first, then click on Generate Receipts.

To learn more, please see our help article here: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/9020513-givecloud-express-issuing-tax-receipts

Feb 7

Create Sponsorships via API

       Maria Tan

Users can read, create, update, and delete sponsees through the API. Please note that sponsorships must be enabled in your account to access this feature.

To learn more, check out our updated documentation here: https://developers.givecloud.com

Feb 6

Manual Donations for Fundraising Experiences

       Maria Tan

To accept manual donations for fundraising experiences through the Point-of-Sale (POS), users can search for the fundraising experience by name or by SKU. Once the fundraising experience is selected, process the donation as usual.

Jan 24

Fundraising Experience Default Language

       Maria Tan

Embedded fundraising experience now auto-detects the language and locale of your site and automatically switches to match your settings.

Jan 15
Target go-live
Jan 15.

Support for custom fields in Sponsorship: Started email

       Maria Tan

Include sponsee-related custom field labels and values to your Sponsorship: Started automated welcome emails to sponsors and supporters. Go to Communicate > All Automated Emails > Sponsorship: Started to add your custom fields.

To learn more, check out our updated article on how to add your custom field merge tags to the Sponsorship: Started email: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/4995411-sponsorships-custom-fields#h_e7638846e5

Nov 14

Peer-to-Peer on Fundraising Experiences

       Dan Ramdial

Empower your supporters to create their own peer-to-peer fundraisers to help fundraise towards your mission!

Supporters can easily promote and share their peer-to-peer fundraiser with friends and family, driving support for your cause.

This is a great option to provide your supporters as a next step after making a donation, turning them from supporters to advocates for your mission.

You can learn more about Peer-to-Peer on fundraising experiences here: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/8561064-fundraising-peer-to-peer-on-fundraising-experiences

Nov 1

Fundraising Insight Emails

       Dan Ramdial

Receive insights about your fundraising on a daily, weekly or monthly basis directly to your email inbox to help you stay on top of your fundraising success!

Fundraising insight emails include a comprehensive report designed to empower you with actionable data and strategic insights to enhance your fundraising performance.

You can learn more about Fundraising Insights here https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/8487286-fundraising-insights

Oct 10

Integrations: Constant Contact

       Dan Ramdial

Turn emails into donations by integrating your Givecloud account with Constant Contact's email marketing tools and make communicating with your supporters easy!

To connect your Constant Contact account to your GC admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Constant Contact.

To learn more, check out our help article, https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/8461116-constant-contact.

Sep 28
Target go-live
Sep 28.

New Create button and flyout menu

       Adam Volpe

It's now easier than ever to create something new using the new Create button in the top right of your GC admin! We've made it simpler to create your donation forms, products, supporters and more. Use the Create button to create: Forms Supporters Contributions Products Events & Registration Memberships Pages Checkout the Create button to start creating! You're going to LOVE this!

Aug 4

Add a Countdown to your Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Add a countdown to communicate a sense of urgency when Fundraising. Couple a countdown with a fundraising goal, for example, Let’s raise $10,000 by August 31st, OR stand-alone to share a deadline.

To add a countdown,

  1. Select Fundraising, then choose the fundraiser you wish to edit.
  2. From Customize Experience > Donation, click or tab to toggle on Countdown.
  3. Set the deadline date right to the final minute.
  4. Save to complete your changes!

To learn more about Fundraising with Givecloud, head over to https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6427322-fundraising-how-to-create-a-fundraising-experience#h_0d3a9ef392.

Aug 2

New Interface for the Supporter Screen

       Kimberly Arcand

We have made some exciting updates to the supporter screen! The supporter screen now showcases high-level detail for each supporter and a brand new activity log!

  • Updates to the Bumper now showcase the supporter's Donor ID and latest Membership Level.
  • Expandable Profile Section provides a high-level view of your supporter's details, including billing information, email and more. Click on the arrow button to expand the profile to see Donor ID, NPS and Current and past membership levels.
  • Activity highlights all your supporter's activity and history on Givecloud. Filter by specific activities and review the details by clicking the three-dot menu to the right of the activity record.
  • Filter by All Supporter Activity, Accounts, Fundraising Pages, Logins, Comments, Payment Methods and Recurring Payment Profiles.
Jul 14

Multilingual Support available on Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Multilingual support is now available on fundraising experience forms. Choose the languages you wish to support for each fundraising experience. Available languages include,

  • English -Español -Français

To add and edit your multilingual settings, please go to Fundraising, then click or tab to the fundraising experience you wish to add a multilingual option. From Template + Branding, click or tab to Multilingual and check beside the language you want this experience to support. To learn more, please check out our help article: https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6427322-fundraising-how-to-create-a-fundraising-experience.

Jul 11

Goal Tracking with Fundraising Experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Goal tracking is now available on fundraising experience forms. Set a goal for your nonprofit to leverage and inspire supporters to give.

As your supporters give, the thermometer goes up!

  • Set your goal and preview within the visual editor.
  • Offset your goal progress.
  • Share your goal progress bar on your fundraising experience with your supporters.

To add a goal tracker/ thermometer,

  1. Select Fundraising, then choose the fundraiser you wish to edit.
  2. From Customize Experience > Donation, click or tab to toggle on Goal Thermometer.
  3. Set the goal and initial progress (offset).
  4. Toggle on or off to include DCC In goal progress.
  5. Save to complete your changes!

To learn more about Fundraising with Givecloud, head over to https://help.givecloud.com/en/articles/6427322-fundraising-how-to-create-a-fundraising-experience.

May 26

Fundraising: Corporate donations available on fundraising experiences

       Kimberly Arcand

Add a corporation or business name as a part of a donation through fundraising experiences.

Supporters can now check "This is a business donation" to provide their business name under 'Contact Info' during the checkout experience.

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